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Pelikan Classic Gold
Pelikan Classic 200 Cartridge Fountain Pen - Black
Pelikan Classic 200 - Black

Pelikan Classic 200 - Black
Available as Fountain, Rollerball, Ballpoint & Pencil

The Classic series is one of the bestsellers at Pelikan, thus the writing instruments of this series are known all over the world.
The fountain pen Classic has a timeless design with its barrel and cap made of high-quality resin. The decorative rings and the characteristic Pelikan beak clip underline its traditional design. Pelikan Classic is also available with silver fittings.

Pelikan - This brand stands for reliable writing instruments
with a wide product range. Pelikan are conscious of tradition and resort to decades of experience, because, whether it is a fountain pen, a rollerball pen or a ballpoint pen, one writing instrument is not like the other.


Pelikan Classic D200 Black - Mechanical Pencil

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