Writing instruments / Otto Hutt 01 Matt

Otto Hutt Design 01 - Matt is reduced to the essential: Pure writing pleasure, made with the finest materials. The classic design 01 writing instrument is now available in a trendy look and feel in matt. As such, it delivers a visual and haptic experience: brass body meets flawless matt surface. For a velvety touch.

The caps of the fountain pens are matted and coated with ruthenium. The fittings of the ballpoint pen and pencil, also coated with ruthenium and polished to a shine, enhance the elegant look of this design icon.

All Otto Hutt writing instruments are made entirely in Germany and combine meticulous craftsmanship with fine detail. The result is a range of highquality utensils which can proudly bear the seal "Made in Germany".


Otto Hutt Design 01 Ruthenium Matt - Sage Green
The classic design is given a modern makeover