Writing instruments / Caran dAche Leman

Through a wealth of glorious colours and flowing curves, the LĂ©man collection interprets the finest hues of the water of the lake lapping the bays of Geneva and vividly reflecting the sky, the seasons, as well as the vibrant life along its shorelines.

Glossy or subtly matt lacquer clothes the silhouette of this pen to exalt the unique style and expertise of the Geneva-based Maison in the realm of colour: the subtle, warm pastel shades of the dawn with its intense play on varying hues ranging from deep blue to night black. The choice of shades is based on the exceptional colour chart that has been developed in its workshops over the decades.


Caran dAche Leman - Ebony
Available as Fountain, Rollerball, Bi-function, Ballpoint & Pencil
Caran dAche Leman - Ebony Gold Trim
Available as Fountain, Rollerball, Ballpoint & Pencil
Caran dAche - Ink Bottle
Twelve colours of the Chromatics collection
Caran dAche - Ink Cartridges
Twelve colours of the Chromatics collection - Short internatiional standard
Caran dAche - Refill