Writing instruments / Platinum #3776

The Platinum "Flagship Model #3776 Century" solves the major concern of all fountain pens, which is its dryness. The product has been evaluated and re-innovated over the years to solve its dry nib and it can be used despite leaving it in the back of your draw for years due to it's new mechanism "The Slip Seal Lid". The ink smoothly flows from the pen onto the paper creating the perfect touch and its form is specifically design to be comfortably used for all writers.

Since its establishment in 1919, the "Flagship Model #3776 Century" is its compilation filled with specific techniques and mechanism to serve joy for all writers.


Platinum #3776 Century - Gold Trim
Platinum - Ink Cartridges (10 pcs)
Platinum - Ink Cartridges (2 pcs)
Platinum - Ink Converter