Writing instruments / Kaweco Student

Kaweco’s success story began in a small retail store near the University of Heidelberg, Germany in 1883. Since that time Kaweco has had an inseparable connection to students all over. Especially in the sixties Kaweco fountain pens were very popular study companions.

Until this day it is still Kaweco’s goal to design reliable and stylish writing instruments for young people. The Kaweco STUDENT series was created with this goal in mind.

Kaweco Student - 20’s Jazz
Kaweco Student - 50’s Rock
Kaweco Student - 60’s Swing
Kaweco Student - 70’s Soul
Kaweco Student - Black
Kaweco Student - Transparent
Kaweco - Ink Bottle 50ml
Available in 10 different colours
Kaweco - Ink Converter Standard
For Kaweco DIA2, Special, SUPRA