Writing instruments / Otto Hutt 06

The new Design 06 from Otto Hutt is a series of high-quality writing instruments made in Germany. In terms of their craftsmanship, the Design 06 models feature impressive barrels and caps which, like all other components, are meticulously crafted from solid material.

The surfaces of Design 06 are created using a special and distinctive, multicoated lacquering process. This gives all writing utensils in this series a delightfully pleasant, velvety feel.

The special spring clip is a distinctive feature of the Otto Hutt brand. For Design 06, this clip has been optimized even further. Every contour and every surface has been individually crafted to create a harmonious, organic shape.

Otto Hutt Catalogue (4.6 MB)

Otto Hutt Design 06 - Pink
Otto Hutt Design 06 - White
Otto Hutt Design 06 - Black
Otto Hutt Design 06 - Red
Otto Hutt - Ink Bottle
Otto Hutt - Ballpoint Refill Design 01/02/04/06
Otto Hutt - Rollerball Refill