Artist Corner / Papers: Canson

Moulin du Roy
Canson® Moulin du Roy® is a watercolour paper produced on a traditional cylinder mould machine. Its 100% cotton quality with ideal absorbency and superior strength.
Internal and surface sizing permit the lifting of dried colour and the opportunity to refine and rework the watercolour, pigments are brighter.

Canson the Wall
The Wall is a new marker paper form Canson. A unique paper with particular features: Perfectly opaque. No bleed through. Homogeneous and perfect colouring Vibrant colours.

Canson Mi-Teintes
A classic art paper for dry pastel, oil pastel, charcoal, chalk and pencil.


Canson Moulin du Roy - Water Colour Blocks
Mould made and 100% cotton
Canson C A Grain - Drawing Pads
Canson Mi-Teintes - Pastel Pads
An authentic art paper