Artist Corner / Soft Pastels: Schmincke

Pastel painting has enjoyed great popularity for centuries, uniting drawing techniques with an intense colour effect. The extra-fine pastels by Schmincke are as soft as velvet and silk with a particularly soft and intense colour application as a result of their formulation and the traditional production technique. The colour spectrum of 400 shades allows limitless artistic possibilities, whether used in their pure form on specialist pastel paper, in mixed-media techniques or also - on the special Schmincke primers - on canvas. A professional range of fixatives ensures that the observer can also enjoy the unique results over a long period.

Each stick is handmade individually
Colours that are as soft as velvet and silk
400 brilliant and rich colours
Exceptionally strong colour application
Best, highly concentrated artists’ pigments
Minimum binder content
Maximum lightfastness
Unique colour mixtures and special colours


Schmincke Pastels - cardbord sets
Schmincke Pastels - wooden sets