Writing instruments / e+m Drake & Melange

e+m Drake & Melange. Elegant pens in extraordinary material. Drake available in zebrano. Melange with fine leather rings create a sensitive touch.

All e+m products are made on classic turning leathes according to craft tradition. e+m works with domestic woods such as copper beech, sycamore, maple, pearwood or cherry.

The tactile, pleasing finish of e+m wood products is created using natural oils and waxes. This makes e+m products feel good for a long time! Be inspired and take a piece of nature into your hands!

e+m Catalogue 2015-16 (7.5 MB)

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e+m Drake - Zebrano Maron and Nickel
Elegant pens in a perfectly designed shape, nickel-plated details
e+m Drake - Zebrano and Vintage
Elegant pen in extraordinary material
e+m Melange - Walnut and Brass
Elegant pen in extraordinary mixed materials
e+m Melange - Black Oak and Vintage
Elegant pen in extraordinary material