Pen Cases / Otto Hutt

Otto Hutt Classic Pen case for 2 or 3 writing Instruments of genuine 100% leather. Otto Hutts leather case for those who like leather in its original, rougher, yet stylish. Otto Hutts logo on the front. For those who want to feel and smell the leather.

Also available as Otto Hutt Soft Pen case in beautiful colours for 1 or 2 writing instruments.

As a contemporary of Walter Gropius, co-founder of Bauhaus, Otto Hutt was influenced by the then innovative design concepts of the Bauhaus. In keeping with this, his first products were pocket utensils such as smoker’s accessories, toothpicks and shaving sets in metal. It was not long before he extended his range to include writing instruments.


Otto Hutt Pen Cases - Soft
Pen pouches in beautiful colours - for 1 or 2 pens
Otto Hutt Pen Cases - Classic
Keep your writing intstruments in pure leather with the signature of Otto Hutt