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Otto Hutt Design 04 Wave Black - Pencil
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Otto Hutt Design 04 Wave Black - Pencil

Item: H002-61976
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Pencil 0,7mm lead
Turn cap clockwise (lead)
Barrels in color laquer, black, blue or white
Pattern, 3-dimensional lines, varies in depth
Unique serial number at each pen
Made in Germany

Prices do include cost of gift box, microfibre cloth and instructions for use.

With Design 04, Otto Hutt takes the next step toward becoming a truly premium brand. All these writing instruments remain true in every detail to the brand’s own principles: best workmanship, absolute functionality, long life and sustainability in terms of the materials used.

The classical design of this new line is uncompromisingly dedicated to its purpose, without unnecessary frills or ornamental trappings. These items are compact in their dimensions and ideally balanced for perfect handling.



137 mm / 5.4 in

41 g / 1.4 oz

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