Writing instruments / Otto Hutt 07

Otto Hutt Design 07 provides the flagship of the Otto Hutt line. It represents a new dimension, both in terms of its measurements and its writing quality. The brand’s familiar spring clip has been refined even further to exactly match the shape and size of the writing instrument.

The contours and surfaces have each been individually crafted to create a harmonious and balanced form. The result of this distinctive feature is perfection of form embodied in an outstanding example of complex metalworking. The generous 18 karat gold nib specially crafted for the Otto Hutt fountain pen is the hallmark of the Design 07.

Otto Hutt Catalogue (4.6 MB)

Otto Hutt Design 07 - Lacquer
Contours and surfaces individually crafted
Otto Hutt Design 07 - Silver
Contours and surfaces individually crafted
Otto Hutt - Ink Bottle
Otto Hutt - Rollerball Refill