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As the first manufacturer in Germany SCHMIDT Technology has been developing and producing ballpoint refills since more than half a century. The long experience in development combined with special production techniques resulted in products with remarkable characteristics. Many renowned writing instruments manufacturers worldwide assemble their ballpoint pens with refills coming from SCHMIDT Technology.

SCHMIDT® Ballpoint Refills of the Top Class are equipped with high-quality stainless tips and TC balls.

The SCHMIDT® MegaLine system allows to write and to draw in each possible situation without any problems – this is really cutting-edge refill technology. These highly sophisticated writing modules are based on an inside over pressure. This enables not only a writing upside down or under the most extreme environmental con- ditions, but also a writing with highest speeds.

SCHMIDT® Liquid Ink Refills offer great performance and easy handling. This convenience is owed to an easy and smooth gliding over the paper. Pen manufacturers all over the world rely on liquid ink refills from SCHMIDT Technology.


Schmidt - Ballpoint P900 G2
Schmidt - Rollerball 888 Safety Ceramic Rollerball
Schmidt - Rollerball 5888 Safety Ceramic Rollerball
Schmidt - Ballpoint easyFLOW 9000 G2
Schmidt - Ballpoint S635 D1
Schmidt - Ballpoint MegaLine Pressurized Refill
Gas filled ballpoint refill
Schmidt - Rollerball Capless System
Schmidt - Rollerball Fineliners