Pen Cases / Pelikan

There are many ways to keep your writing instrument beautiful for the passing years. For example, you can keep it in your desk at home, where it’s safe and sheltered. However, if you want it to accompany you through thick and thin, you’ll need a cover that will brave the elements.

The classic leather cases from Pelikan will protect your writing instrument wherever you go, no matter if you wish to take one, two, or three writing instruments with you.

If you want to brighten up your life and that of others, you can choose between several modern colours in shiny lacquered leather. They are available in a medium size for two writing instruments. The lining inside is made from gray nylon.

Least but not last, Pelikan Leather Zipper in Nappa or black leather


Pelikan Leather Pouch - Classic
Classic Pelikan Pen Pouch for 1-3 pens
Pelikan Leather Pouch - Lacquer
Pelikan pen case in colourful laquer
Pelikan Leather Pouch - Zipper
Pen cases in pure 100% leather